Issues with your skin is a sign of things going wrong within.  Your body is toxic and needs cleaning.  There are so many ways to improve your skin.  Here’s a few tips I’ve put together for you:

  1. Lots of tepid water.  2-3 litres per day
  2. Lots of fresh fruit and green vegetables.  Alkalizing vegetables make your body more alkaline, so less acidic.
  3. Lots of Vitamin D – Get some sunshine.  Stay out in the sunshine with no sun block for at least 20-30 minutes per day.
  4. Lots of Healthy good fats like avocado, oily fish, olive oil…
  5. Try cleaning your liver and gall bladder CLICK ME FOR FURTHER DETAILS
  6. Eat more raw foods
  7. Eat less convenience, fatty, salty foods, meat, dairy and grains
  8. Drink less alcohol and caffeine
  9. Focus on good bacteria and repopulate your gut with good flora CLICK ME FOR FURTHER DETAILS
  10. Try Colon Hydrotherapy and Coffee Enemas to help clean your body and your liver.  If your body is clean then so is your skin. CLICK ME FOR FURTHER DETAILS

For more ideas centered around healing acne see Dr Sarah Villafranco’s article below.


This Is The New, Groundbreaking Way To Treat Acne

by Dr. Sarah Villafranco

At its core, acne is an inflammatory condition. Bacteria cause trouble by triggering a cascade of inflammatory chemicals and cellular activity in the skin. The result of this inflammatory frenzy is increased blood flow (causing redness) and an influx of helper white blood cells called phagocytes, which attempt to wall off and contain the offending bacteria, leading to a pus collection, either under the skin or at the surface (aka a zit) The message? You can’t put low-quality fuel in the machine and expect stellar performance—it’s not fair to your poor little body. Here are the biggest offenders:




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