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Quick Tips to Improve Skin Issues


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  1. Drink lots of tepid water, 2-3 litres per day
  2. Eat lots of fresh fruit and green vegetables.  Alkalizing vegetables make your body more alkaline, so less acidic.
  3. Lots of Vitamin D – Get some sunshine.  Stay out in the sunshine with no sun block for at least 20-30 minutes per day.
  4. Eat lots of Healthy good fats like avocado, oily fish, olive oil…
  5. Try cleaning your liver and gall bladder CLICK ME FOR FURTHER DETAILS
  6. Eat more raw foods
  7. Drink lots of green juices. 3/4 veg and 1/4 fruit.
  8. Eat less convenience, sugary, fatty, salty foods, meat, dairy and grains
  9. Drink less alcohol and caffeine
  10. Get more sleep
  11. Reduce stress in your life
  12. Relax and rest more
  13. Exercise and move daily
  14. Drink lots of warm lemon water
  15. Use natural products on your skin like coconut or wheatgerm oil
  16. Use organic makeup products but less make up the better
  17. How are you cleaning your house and clothes?  Make sure you use friendly products for the skin and our environment.
  18. Try a food intolerance test and see what foods irritate you?  Avoid these foods to heal the gut.
  19. Focus on good bacteria and repopulate your gut with good flora CLICK ME FOR FURTHER DETAILS
  20. Try Colon Hydrotherapy and Coffee Enemas to help clean your body and your liver.  If your body is clean then so is your skin. CLICK ME FOR FURTHER DETAILS





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