Always important to get raw food in your body.  Great source of fibre, high in nutrients, hydrating and gives your digestion a good exercising.  You use a lot of energy breaking down raw foods which is great for your health.

High fibre foods remove waste effectively from your body, leaving you feeling great and energised!  Don’t hold onto waste and promote disease.

  • Chop veggies – onion, carrots, leeks, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach
  • Gently fry veg in coconut oil with garlic, herbs, pepper and tin tomatoes
  • Add lentils after they have been soaking for the evening.
  • leave over night to produce the real flavours
  • Coupled with some – beetroot, cucumber, green peppers and blueberries
  • Nice healthy lunch!  A bit of both to keep you satisfied!


Get pooing with these high fibre dishes

Get pooing with these high fibre dishes



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