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Still trying to shed pounds from all that chocolate over Easter? Try my ‘NEW’ Essential Health Optimum Weight Loss Package

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EVERYONE likes quick fixes, however, these DON’T LAST.  People lose weight then return to their original weight …OR HEAVIER….once back on their normal diet.  There is simple formula to losing weight and  Colonics in Bristolthat is KNOWLEDGE!!!!  This package gives YOU the tools to lose BODYFAT and maintain that loss.
  •  KNOWLEDGE –  understand what we have evolved to eat and why we can’t continue eating like we are.
  •   DETOXING – reducing acidic foods slowly to help eliminate withdrawal symptoms and improve health immediately.
  •  OPTIMUM WEIGHT LOSS – tools and knowledge to lose weight and understand the FOODS and HABITS that are making us overweight
  •  FOODS FOR THE FUTURE – tools and knowledge to maintain a healthy and sustainable diet.
Its simple – but you need to understand it takes preparation, determination, knowledge and the drive to get yourself into a healthy place, so you can enjoy good wholesome health foods.


This is a new way of living – NOT a quick fix, if you go back to your old ways, you will stay overweight and miserable forever!
We want you to be LEAN, ENERGISED, and looking forward to a happier, healthier and longer life!




PACKAGES – please choose which package you would like and confirm in writing.
  • Package 1 – £40 – includes initial phone call (discussing the process and your needs in detail) – relevant documents to be sent via email ONLY – no additional support once your have received your initial phone call and relevant documents (additional support can be purchased, please see below for details)
  • Package 2 – £80 – includes initial phone call (discussing the process and your needs in detail) – relevant documents to be sent via email ONLY – support (1 month only via email and phone)
  • Face to Face appointment as an add-on to the above packages –  £45 for 1 hour –  held at The Berkeley Centre, 3 Berkeley Square, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1HL.  Please email me to arrange a suitable appointment.  This session is to go through any questions or concerns, educating, going over the literature, ensuring you are clear.
Please note – support rules:
  1. questions via email first, please let these build up each week, then email a list rather than sporadic questions here and there.  Earlier or upto 24 hours will be needed before a response can be given.
  2. phone calls must be arranged via email first at a convenient time for both parties.
  3. should I feel that you need more support due to a high level of queries, then a face to face may be suggested at an additional cost.




You will receive a call from Danielle at a convenient time for your initial consultation.  The process will be explained in detail and your needs. Once you have decided upon your chosen package and payment is made you will be sent all the relevant documentation and further support is given if desired by email and phone.

You will be sent 6 documents in the process after your initial consultation via phone:

  1. History of diet and nutrition – this document will help you understand what we have evolved to eat and why our bodies are struggling with our modern diets.  Education is vital in order for you to lose weight.
  2. 7 Day food Diary – completed and returned for assessment.  It is important you are honest with everything you are consuming on a daily basis.  I can only help you if I have the correct information.  This will help me see where improvements are needed to help you lose weight.
  3. Kick Start Diet – you must spend a few weeks detoxing and reducing your acidic intake of foods and drinks so the body can start to heal.  You will experience some withdrawal symptoms for the first week – and then things should start to improve. This document explains everything in detail and all the foods you can and can’t eat.
  4. Optimum Weight Loss – this diet  highlights the differences between quick release and slow release carbohydrates.  It is designed to help you learn more about carbohydrate contents and the ​weight of food, and gives you the tools to shed some good honest pounds if done correctly.This can be followed for a few weeks or more for desired weight loss…
  5. Maintenance Diet for the Future – Once you have lost your desired weight and are at a comfortable BODYFAT level… then you can focus on balance and eating the right foods for the future not just a few weeks.  This documents gives you the knowledge on what to eat and what to avoid forever with treats here and there!
  6. ​Healthy Recipes – These are examples of meals you can eat once you have lost your desired weight and focusing on your maintenance diet.  Just some ideas and suggestions.


REMEMBER….its about making positive changes so you stay fit and healthy forever and prevent disease and weight gain….IN A SUSTAINABLE WAY.

Colonics in Bristol

Essential Health Optimum Weight Loss Packages


 To BOOK please call Danielle only on 07737 204 866 or email

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