For Friday it has to be steak night, otherwise the boyfriend will moan!  Rather than steak and chips let spice it up abit……

  • Strips of steak gently fried or grilled to your liking (butter or coconut oil).  We like it pink!
  • Spicy Butter Bean – add whatever veg you like, I did onions, peppers, courgette – then add hot sauce (whatever you like) and some tins tomatoes with herbs and spices – turmeric, paprika, chilli powder.  Add flavour until it suits your taste buds, some people like intense flavours, some plain.  Don’t be scared to start little and keep adding until it suits you.
  • Greens –  lightly steam – no more than 2 mins – kale and green beans
  • Add Some natural yoghurt to the beans if you want 🙂

Enjoy Danielle 🙂

Friday night staying in!  No so bad with this meal :)

Friday night staying in! Not so bad with this meal 🙂

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