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Routine and Preparation for Better Health

By September 2, 2015 No Comments

My partner and I bought a house recently so we have been very busy decorating, sanding, cleaning, fixing etc…..  Very boring but necessary!  We have been without a kitchen for 5 weeks and this makes life difficult, especially when you are trying to be healthy.

Without routine and preparation your health can go downhill, however, it’s important to still try your best.  Don’t always have the attitude to give in and be unhealthy due to circumstances.  There is always ways to eat better, choose healthier options or make a unhealthy meals nutritious.

We had a small stove and microwave.  I didn’t want to use the microwave but took advantage of the stove and made some stews, yes it was a pain and took longer but at least I had a nutritious meal for a few days.  I didn’t cave to ready meals from the microwave, they make me feel ill just thinking about them.  Its amazing how many people believe they are good for you should you buy the healthy options.  Nothing from the microwave will be good for you, fact!

Chances are if a food product is labelled ‘healthy’ the chances are it isn’t.  The way to ensure you are eating healthy is not to buy prepared meals by the supermarket, these will always be loaded with salt, sugar and saturated (trans) fats. Make you own nutritious soups, stews, hot pots etc…..  its  safer that way.  Remember supermarkets are trying to sell a product so it must be preserved in order for it to last, this is great for them but bad for your health.

Always prepare your own fresh nutritious meals.  Support your local trader and purchase from your grocers, butchers or fishmongers!  Bristol has so many great independent shops, lets keep it that way.

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Yummy salad – quick and easy – tomatoes, spinach, rocket, olives and feta – drizzle olive oil and squeeze of lemon!  Try and reduce your meat and fish intake – eats lots of vegetables, especially GREENS!

Healthy and quick to make salad

Healthy and quick to make salad





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