When I suggest eating healthy to my clients the most common complaint is, ‘I don’t have a enough time’. This is when meal preps are very important and ensure your diet is healthy majority of the time. I’m fortunate that I’ve created time for myself to make healthy dishes, however, most of my clients are very busy and don’t get home from work until late.

If I’m preparing dinner, I always prepare a soup or stew at the same time.  This way I’m already chopping and making a mess, so I can prepare everything, cook it all at the same time and then clear up.  You could give yourself an extra 1-2 meals from dinner, plus soups and stews for lunches that week.  I’ve always got loads of dishes in the freezer for quick meals if needed.  You can warm it through whilst making a little salad, all in less than 10 mins!  Perfecto!!

*Little tip – always have raw food with every meal you eat (salad, raw veg fruit, nuts, seeds, sprouts…) as cooking food depletes its nutrients quite considerably,

If you’d like to learn more about meal prepping then read on.

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