I meet many clients that buy cereal.  If you look at the ingredients you will find the most popular brands are very high in sugars and not as healthy as they make out.  Remember they are selling and preserving products.  This means adding, sugar, salt, saturated fat and many other horrible chemicals that the body is not designed to handle.

Why not make your own, I do!  All you need is the below

  • Big Jar of mixed Nuts
  • Big Jar of mixed seeds
  • Big Jar of Organic Oats
  • Berries or fruit
  • milk (coconut milk)

Each morning – take a small palm full of each, add a palm full of berries or a banana and add your coconut milk or whatever milk you want and hey presto!

You are now getting a good source of protein, fats and fiber, coupled with many vitamins and minerals that nuts and seeds contain.  No refined cereal high in sugar to start your day.  You will stay fuller for longer and will actually give your body a great start to the day.

Remember – eating clean, healthy, homemade food helps you lose weight or prevents weight gain.  Keep away from processed, convenience foods and stay slim and healthy!

Healthy Cereal - Make your own - quick and easy!

Healthy Cereal – Make your own – quick and easy!



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