I love crisps! However, I find most brands synthetic tasting, and they just aren’t good for you.

I like real flavour, so have you tried kale crisps?  This literally takes 5 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes in the oven.  So yes convenient!

Sprinkle Celtic salt, pepper and Cajun spice over good size chunks of kale, (2 times bigger than a average crisp) and a squeeze of lemon, then bake till crisp at about 170°c, keep checking just ensure it doesn’t burn.

Kale takes on flavour well and are so crispy and delicious. I’m addicted!

Try this crisps alternative for better health!

Kale full of nutrients with deep flavour


Kale crisps really take on flavour. Add cajun spices, seaweeds, salt and pepper to jazz things up!

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