We sleep all night then get up and have coffee or tea, adding to an already dehydrated body.  Why not hydrate first, eat a healthy breakfast then have a small caffeinated drink if you must!

Hot lemon or lime water is delicious, soothing, refreshing and comforting at all times of the day.

soothing, refreshing and good for you!

soothing, refreshing and good for you!

Every time you fancy a tea of coffee why not opt for a glass of water, a hot water with lemon or lime or a herbal tea instead.  This will help reduce your caffeine intake and increase your hydration.

Try reducing caffeinated drinks to no more than 2 per day, this will help reduce stress in your body and many associated health issues Negative effects of caffeine.

If you want coffee or tea drink this earlier in the morning so you sleep better at night.

Enjoy 🙂



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