I meet many clients who complain they don’t have enough time to be healthy at work, they are too busy.

I see clients back to back for 6 hours with no break.  I must eat, otherwise I will become drained and less enthusiastic.

Preparation is paramount to staying healthy.

raw nibbles and salmon

raw nibbles and salmon

If you don’t have time to buy food, heat food up then make somes snacks to nibble between clients, or any spare minutes you may have.  You must eat and look after yourself otherwise your health is at stake.

I’ve used some of the salmon left from breakfast.  1 salmon steak for two meals.  We eat too many animal so eat less.

I’ve added raw carrots, cucumber, broccoli and green beans.  Vegetables taste very sweet and satisfying raw.  Eating raw every day in some form is so good for you, especially your digestion.

This meal is easy to nibble on and very good for you.  No excuses!  Look after yourself.


Enjoy 🙂

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