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Grains have got a lot to answer for!

Our late ancestors didn’t eat grains they mainly ate plants, fruits, seeds, lean/wild animals and occasional honey when in season.

Grains was introduced much later as survival food.  However, these grains would have been more nutritious and healthier back then.

Grains are now part of our staple diet, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks……However, they are highly refined and cause dramatic damage to our bodies and health.

Williams Davis lets you know some of the benefits of stopping grains for the brain READ ME

To avoid grains try different substitutes.  Here are a few examples:

  • spiralised courgette or sweet potato as spaghetti
  • cauliflower rice instead of normal rice
  • make your own toast with nuts, seeds and buckwheat flour (friendly seed)
  • pizza base with cauliflower or chickpeas
  • porridge with quinoa (friendly seed)

That should get you started! 🙂



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