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I totally agree with Amelia Freer.  You need to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Vary your diet daily and enjoy all the array of colours provided to us.  Aren’t we lucky to have so much to choose from?!  Always get a veg box delivered or buy from your local green grocer and support your local trader.  You will get more in-season produce (which is higher in nutrients), better quality goods with  more variety.  No its not expensive when it comes to your health. Always try fruit and veg that you haven’t tried before, go on be adventurous! 


‘Growing up, we were told to eat our greens, but this was only partly right. While green vegetables are a powerhouse of healthful properties, having the other colors in our diet is just as important.

Brightly colored foods contain naturally occurring phytochemicals, which are responsible for giving food its color — the fire-engine red of tomatoes; the deep purple hue of blueberries — and also play important roles in protecting our health and staving off chronic disease: mopping up inflammation, slowing down premature aging, supporting sight, protecting the brain, and assisting our immune system.



Beautiful Colours - Eat the Rainbow!

Beautiful Colours – Eat the Rainbow!

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