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Feeling Hungry but don’t want anything big? Try my Avocado Smoothie!

  • Creamy and delicious!
  • 1 small Avocado
  • A little coconut milk or full fat cows milk
  • A little water
  • Blend and add more fluid to get the consistency you desire.
  • Amazing!  Filling, healthy and tatsy!


Please read below and click the link to find out lots of nutritional facts about avocados.  They are amazing for you!  Enjoy Danielle.

‘The avocado is a rather unique type of fruit.

Most fruit consists primarily of carbohydrate, while avocado is high in healthy fats.

Numerous studies show that it has powerful beneficial effects on health.

Here are 12 health benefits of avocado, that are supported by scientific research.  TO READ MORE CLICK ME



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