Lots of people don’t like green vegetables, however, these veggies are rammed full of nutrients and can make our bodies more alkaline to help prevent disease.  Whether we like it or not we need to eat vegetables to survive, these high nutrient foods ensure our bodies function correctly, ensure we poo daily, hydrate us and keep us healthy and protected against disease.  There are so many elements effecting our health these days so we must protect ourselves.

Eat Veg, Drink Veg, Eat Fruit, Drink Fruit, Eat and Drink Nuts and Seeds, DRINK lots of filtered water!  Its Simple really!

I tend to blend my greens with beetroot, lemon, ginger and apple to make a juice.  I also steam lots of leafy greens like chard and kale.  However, to make them taste more exciting I drizzle, lemon and tahini on them with a sprinkle of good sea salt and pepper, delicious!  Give it a try you’ll be surprised.


Add tahini, lemon, salt and pepper to make greens exciting!

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