Yes I love a bowl of goodness!


Even if I do say so myself, this taste fantastic!  Its light, refreshing and has a nice tang to it.

  • Fry some onion, 1 large garlic clove, cumin, coriander, medium curry and garam masala powders in a little organic butter.  Start with a teaspoon of each, and increase depending on the depth of flavour you desire.
  • Add 1 tbsp of miso paste.
  • Gently add some filtered water to create a nice paste whilst cooking; and let the flavours develop for 5 minutes on low heat.
  • Add your veg; carrots, celery, mushrooms, tomatoes and kale, all cut roughly the same size. Give it all a good stir and let develop for a few minutes.
  • Add your green lentils either soaked over night, or bought in water.
  • Add filtered water to the consistency you like, I always like my soups like a broth.
  • Simmer gently until the veg is quite soft.
  • Add some salt and pepper if desired.
  • Leave over night in the pan so the flavours combine.
  • When you come to have some broth, add alfalfa sprouts and seaweed seasoning.

SPROUTS – Sprouting is an amazing way to boost your health; as these little miracles are packed full of vitamins and minerals.

SEAWEED SEASONING – I just purchased these fantastic seasonings recently; they taste amazing.  They really add some serious flavour, with the benefit of increased minerals.

Enjoy Danielle



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