Even though the weather has been glorious here and there, many people are suffering from colds and chesty coughs.

Rather than rush to buy synthetic drugs that don’t work and cost a fortune, try the healthier alternatives first.

Garlic – I eat two cloves per day.  Chop into small pieces and swallow like tablets.

  • Garlic is a powerful antioxidant with antimicrobial, antiviral and antibiotic properties. For colds and flus, it also provides decongestant and expectorant effects.

Honey – I put a big dollop of honey in with my hot lemon water

  • Honey contains antioxidant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties that fight against the virus, bacteria, and fungus to treat the cold and its underlying symptoms.
  • It helps to soothe a sore or scratchy throat naturally and relieves irritation.
  • It boosts the immune system, which reduces the severity of cold and also prevents future colds and other viruses.

Ginger – I grate some ginger into my hot lemon water

  • Ginger is a natural antiviral which helps to fight against illness and bacteria that causes cold.
  • It contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which help to boost up the immune system.
  • It acts as an antihistamine and decongestant that helps to ease colds symptoms.
  • It is a natural pain and fever reducer and also a mild sedative.

Lemons  –  I squeeze half a lemon with each mug of hot water

  • Lemons are loaded with vitamin C, which is known to support the body’s natural defenses.  

Water – Lots of tepid or hot filtered water to flush the toxins away.

Green juices – boost your immune system with spinach, kale, chard, lettuce and fruit juices

Rest – Sleep and chill.  Rest the brain.  Let your body repair and recover.


Relieve Colds the Natural way!

Relieve Colds the Natural way!
















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