I always advise clients to eat a little raw with each meal.  Get that roughage in for regular and healthy bowl movements.  Get rid of waste to prevent disease, increase energy, prevent common colds, improve skin, reduce restless sleep, promote absorption and digestion and much more…..  Fiber is your friend so eat it.  Thank you Danielle


Jemma’s recipe and wrote: ‘A clean home made butternut squash soup with raw veggies for dunkin’! Who needs bread or stodge?! Not me!

Recipe for butternut squash is simply a whole butternut squash & small potato chopped (skin removed), with chopped onion & garlic – simmered on the hob in 900ml Kallo vegetable stock for approx 20 mins or until veg is soft. Then blend together in food processor or nutribullet & serve with some thyme sprigs & seasoning. Then portion out & enjoy! It’s great for freezing too so you can just grab it out the freezer the night before & it’ll be lovely & defrosted ready to take to work the next day! Great for on the go!’


Butternut Squash soup and raw veggies for dipping

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