Your opinion counts when it comes to colon hydrotherapy

By September 16, 2016 No Comments

The best people to listen to about colon hydrotherapy are my clients.  Negative comments always seem to come from people that have never tried a colonic.  Read reviews, research positive information and call Danielle to explain further, if reassurance is needed.   If you have any type of digestive complaint then colonic irrigation could help. It may reduce or even stop symptoms, coupled with getting healthier and improving your diet with all my free advice.

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‘I received numerous treatments from Dani and on each occasion the experience has been professional and worry free. I am often able to book an appointment at short notice both during and outside of normal working hours. Dani is quick to respond and treatments are offered at a competitive rate. Dani fully explains the process at the start and also step-by-step as you go through. The equipment used is well maintained and the whole experience is free of embarrassment. It has effective in helping me to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Recommended. P Hunt, Bristol’

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