Thyroid and the effects of Gluten

Thyroid issues seem so common today.  Recently I have had friends, family and clients all affected with either an overactive or underactive thyroid.  Your Thyroid gland is VERY important and affects all your cells, its main job is to make, store and release hormones.

If you have too little thyroid hormone in your blood, your body slows down. This condition is called hypothyroidism. If you have too much thyroid hormone in your blood, your body speeds up. This condition is called hyperthyroidism.

You can get many symptoms such as weight loss or weight gain, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, increased bowel movements or reduced bowel movements, anxiety, depression and so on…

As you can see, life can be pretty miserable if it isn’t working properly.

It is so important that you are eating well to help with symptoms. A nice clean diet of fruit, vegetables, beans and seeds, avoiding trigger foods like grains, convenience foods or high salt, saturated fat and sugary goods.

Dr William Cole has written an interesting piece on the thyroid gland and gluten click me for article

Take Care