The importance of digestion! 

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When it comes to people’s health, one of the main issues is digestion, and the lack of it.  People just aren’t digesting, absorbing and evacuating waste effectively.  This means toxic waste is staying longer in our bodies and slowly poisoning us.  These waste products are being re-absorbed back into the blood and putting extreme pressure on our organs, and systems i.e. liver, digestive system…

To process this toxic material, requires a lot of energy, and this explains why we are all so tired and drained on a daily basis.  Dealing with excessive cravings and overeating is common.  We are starving and in desperate need of nutrient dense foods, to enable our bodies to work and function correctly.

Our cells struggle to do their jobs properly, the more toxic we are and they become clogged, so nutrients cant get in and waste products can’t get out; a toxic cell = DISEASE!

Why is this happening?

  • Stress internal and external
  • Pollution, what we absorb daily
  • Chemicals ingesting and absorbing
  • Bad diet and lifestyle choices
  • Dehydration, everyone is dehydrated to an extent
  • Medication and recreational drugs
  • Alcohol
  • the list goes on…

Why don’t you try and get your digestive system working more effectively for you, and learn about a new diet approach to improve your health and your digestion.

Why not try colon hydrotherapy and see what it can do for you?



Diet and Nutrition advice and follow up literature

Call Danielle on 07737 204866 to discuss this treatment or book straight in via reception on 0117 9632335.


*everyone responds differently to colon hydrotherapy, a positive approach to dietary changes is needed for best results.


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