Hey All,

We’ve all been overindulging these past few weeks for Christmas.  Now we need to think about resting and cleansing the body so it can recover.


So many health benefits and so refreshing!

So many health benefits and so refreshing!

Today I’m starting my morning with hot lemon.  There are so many benefits to drinking hot lemon in the morning, some being:









  • You are dehydrated in the morning so don’t immediately go for coffee or tea. Drink water or even better lemon water to boost your body with vitamins and minerals and start the hydrating process.
  • Clean that liver from all the booze – lemon is great detoxifyer.  Start to get rid of those toxins from  your body and start to feel better.
  • Lemon water is great for your digestion – best way to rid the body of toxins is regular bowel movements.
  • Strengthen your immune system with the powerful antioxidants of lemon.
  • Cleanse your blood and arteries with lemon water.
  • Balance you pH levels as lemon water is very alkalizing.

I’m already feeling clean!

Drink a few mugs of hot lemon every morning and protect your body.




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