Raw Vegan Retreat

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I had the pleasure of trying a raw vegan retreat last week.  I stayed with a good friend, in a lovely mansion house, in the middle of the countryside in Hereford. It was so beautiful there and we were surrounded by apple and plum trees.

We were catered for and made raw vegan food for 5 days.  The food was delicious, not as salad is sight.  I did many workshops and talks.  I tried reflexology, had a lovey thai massage.  Lots of sunny walks and good chats. It was bliss.

It feels so good when you put nothing but pure health into your body.  Coupled with meeting like minded people, you learn lots.  Such a great experience.

It was nice to come back from a break where I felt truly rested.

Why don’t you treat yourself next year and try the Raw Magic Retreat.  Check out there website on the most recent retreat and see if you fancy it.

Go on be good to yourself!



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