Part time Veggie – The best of both worlds

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Lots of us find it hard to go vegetarian.  Even though we are torn by the way animals are treated for our meat consumption, the damage to our environment and our health due to over indulging on animal protein.

I battle with this constantly at the moment.  I love the taste of meat but I cannot ignore the wealth-fare of our farm animals and all the other factors associated with eating animals.

I personally would prefer to eat less animals and be more veggie if it ensures all animals have a nice life, roaming and feeding from our land and killed humanely.

I would love it if all restaurants focused on providing a variety of vegetarian food as well as  meat/fish dishes.   I eat out a lot and veggie options are disappointing.  Unless you want to go to a veggie restaurant, however, there aren’t many and my boyfriend wouldn’t like it.  I personally need more choice to make the transition easier.

At the moment I focus on more meat free breakfast and lunches. Monday and Tuesdays tend to be meat free days. However, I would like to increase this further.

What do you think?  I’d love to know your thoughts on this?

Thank you Danielle



‘Kate Bratskeir Food and Health Editor, The Huffington Post, writes a good short article with Graham Hill’s video to inspire you to go meat free Monday to Friday.

Going vegetarian can benefit your health and help the environment, but many people still find it hard to give up meat.

Even Graham Hill, the founder of sustainability news hub TreeHugger, struggled with the responsibility of going meat-free all the time, according to this 2010 Ted Talk.

“My common sense, my good intentions were in conflict with my tastebuds,” he said.


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