I’m trying Intermittent Fasting – Its easy! I have more energy and I’ve lost weight!

Hey All,

I’ve started fasting lately. Its only been a few weeks but I can’t believe how much energy I have. Eating in a certain time-frame has resulted in weight loss, I feel like I’ve lost inches, which is always a bonus!

One of my clients told me about her friend that gave it a go and lost nearly a stone in 6 weeks!!  For me I want to rest and repair so my body has a better chance to heal.  I eat well but I’m aware I eat often, so my body doesn’t have much time to digest, repair and rest.

Whilst trying this fasting technique, its highlighted to me how we overeat and I may think about eating breakfast but I’m not actually hungry.  This reconfirms our relationship with food and how it controls us, makes up happy, comforts us, however, its there to keep us alive for survival, not to make us happy.

We all need to stop making food such a big importance, as being with friends, family, exploring the great outdoors and experiences are better for the soul. Yes socially eating nice food with friends/family is wonderful and important, but we all put so much focus around this, and then wonder why we are all tired, overweight and battling disease.

There are so many easy ways to be healthier without it being too much.  I can only be healthy if I feel happy about it.  I want to enjoy my life and the wonderful flavours of the world.  However, only if I can be healthy and prevent disease.  Fasting is a quick and easy way to achieve better health and excellent weight management.

This is what I do on a daily basis, why don’t you give it a go.

I stop eating and drinking from 8pm at night until 10am the next day (14 hours).  In that time I can only have water, that’s it. Its pretty easy.  If by 10am you still don’t feel hungry, then keep going till lunch, 14 – 18 hours of fasting is great!

You may think about snacking or breakfast, but in time that goes.  However, notice, I say ‘think’!!!  I’m not actually hungry when I think about snacking or breakfast, its just the habit/addiction I’ve formed over the years with sugar that drives my thoughts!!

I feel more in control of my eating and I like that I’m doing something good for my body, and the benefit of shedding a few pounds a week suits me too!!!

Intermittent Fasting Beginners Guide

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