I adore garlic – Can you believe all the benefits?

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Garlic is so amazing.  Its unbelievably good for you and adds fabulous flavour to food.  Win win!

I use garlic when colds start to brew.  I chop up two cloves of garlic daily and swollen them like tablets.  This is great for stopping colds from developing.

Garlic is also great when you have digestive issues like bad wind, sore bum, hemorrhoids etc.. Dip a garlic clove in olive oil and stick it up your bum just before bed.  Then poo out the next day with your morning bowel movement! Strange I know, but its a great antibacterial agent and very soothing.  Give it a go!

Anyway enough of this.  Lets move on.  Cooking Detective clearly highlights interesting facts about garlic, infact 39 benefits!  Check it out!


Garlic is a food many people think of as only having value as a seasoning to other foods.

It has been used throughout history to create flavorful dishes. While many do not like the pungent odor of this food, there is no denying its popularity.

What many people do not realize is that it can also have many health benefits. If you love garlic or simply want to convince someone you know to eat garlic, here are some benefits you should know.



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