How to Tackle 10 Home Cleaning Tasks With Just 5 Green Ingredients

There are so many things I need to focus on to remove toxins from my body.  Regardless of the food we eat, moving away from toxic home cleaning products is a great start.  Yes some effort is needed initially but once you start to make changes it’ll become second nature.  Just work on one section at a time.

I bought myself a new deodorant the other day.  I’m slowly starting to search for cleaner and friendly beauty products.  Its called Salt of the Earth its a great deodorant, its purely made from natural mineral salts and its fantastic!

You do need to consider all other factors that are polluting your body i.e. beauty products, cleaning products, food packaging, electronic pollutants etc..

Jonathan Engels gives great advice for cleaning your home naturally!!  I’m gonna try these out….


‘When it comes to cleaning, frugality bodes well. Making your own all-natural potions and powders costs much less than buying that something straight off the supermarket shelf. Plus, the environmental impact of less chemicals is much milder, leaving the conscience a little cleaner as well. All you need is five easy ingredients and you’re in business! CLICK ME TO READ MORE


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