Here’s Why Grass-Fed Beef is Just as Bad for the Environment as Grain-Fed

Interesting piece by Sara Farr.   I always thought grass-fed beef was much better for the environment and us.  The more I read about these issues the stronger I get at reducing my meat in take.  I try very hard not to eat beef or pork now.  Its taken some time but I’m slowly getting there 🙂  Enjoy Danielle


‘The environmental consequences of beef are finally starting to become common knowledge, but instead of reducing or eliminating it from their diets many people (commonly known as hipsters) are seeking out small-scale, “sustainably raised” grass-fed beef. In comparison to the greenhouse-gas spewing factory farm beef which comes from grain-fed cows, grass-fed grazing operations have been posited as the more “eco-friendly” option for meat-eaters. Research has shown that producing two pounds of regular, grain-fed beef creates more greenhouse gas than driving 155 miles, so surely a grass-fed burger must produce less.  CLICK ME TO READ ON

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