Healing your gut to prevent or stop health issues

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It seems so common nowadays that lots of health issues stem from the gut!  I meet many clients who for example have skin issues.  Over time, they focus on healing the gut with Colonic treatments, detoxing, natural pro biotics and deep focus on diet and nutrition and after time the skin heals….

Dr. Vincent M. Pedre explains the tell tale signs if your gut is in need of some healing

‘As a doctor specializing in functional medicine and gut health for almost a decade now, you’d think I grew up with a healthy, balanced digestive system.

Well, I didn’t. Along with the estimated 70 million Americans struggling with digestive diseases, I suffered from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for more than half of my life. And even worse — as a result of eating all the wrong foods as a teenager — I also suffered from allergies, depression, frequent colds, sinus infections, and bronchitis. CLICK ME TO READ MORE 

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