Eat lots of fruit and veg but is it seasonal?

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Nowadays we are spoilt for choice with fruit and vegetables.  We pop to the supermarket and can literally purchase most fruit and vegetables out of season.  However, is this good for our health?

Out of season fruit and vegetables travel long journeys from warmer climates but at a cost.  In order to lower the risk of perishable goods, their natural growing process is interrupted.  This prevents the full development of vitamins and minerals, so using the term ‘fresh’ isn’t necessarily correct.

However, fear not! So you get the essential vitamins and minerals during ‘off- season’ – turn to frozen goods.  These can be higher in nutritional value as they are picked when ripe and then flash frozen to lock in their goodness.

Finally, to help with your seasonal fruit and vegetables, check out this handy website ‘’.  You can also download this website as an phone app for easy access while out and about.  Then you too can enjoy the great taste of seasonal goods and give your body and mind what it truly deserves – HEALTH!

Thank you and enjoy feeling good!

Danielle Parkinson


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