Did you know that chewing your food upto 70 times per bite, could reduce digestive issues?

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None of us chew enough and so we are more likely to suffer with digestive issues like, flatulence, acid reflux, bloating, IBS etc…

We must chew our foods to a soupy consistency, for best digestion.  Chewing for a while in the mouth, before swallowing, can start digestion, by exercising the digestive tract, creating muscle movements and secretion of gastric juices, to stimulate peristalsis.

When chewing, enzymes from the cheeks and glands in the mouth, start the break down of foods, especially carbohydrates.  Mastication grinds, tears and rips our food apart, giving our taste buds time to detect what we are eating and so instructs the brain. The brain can then instruct the digestive organs what gastric juices to produce, in order to break down the incoming food. The digestive juices must be just so, the correct ratio, in order to break down the food properly.  This is why slowing down and taking your time whilst eating, can make a massive difference on how our digestion works.

Learning about your digestive system enables you to help reduce or prevent digestive issues.

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