Danielle’s Top Tips to lose weight and get healthy in 2018!

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Here we are again, tired, sluggish, puffy and carrying a few extra pounds.  Fear not! Lets start to clean our bodies, so we can feel great again.

Here is my simple list to help you lose some Christmas weight and get back on track for 2018!

Remember, even just a few simple changes go a long way.  You deserve better!  Feed your body with goodness and it will reward you.


Hydrate with Colonics!


Try giving your liver a break and knock the booze on the head for January or longer if you can. If you can’t do this then reduce significantly.  You don’t need to drink when at home watching telly, save it for a night out or special occasion.

Lets hydrate.  There are many ways to get hydrated.  Drink 2-3 litres per day of tepid filtered water.  You can have mugs of warm water with fresh lemon.  Herbals teas (no caffeine) is always a great way to hydrate.  How about a nice green juice?  Blend spinach, lettuce, apples and ginger or spinach, lettuce and mango, the options are endless.



Make Salads exciting so you eat more of them – RAW IS BEST!


Reduce or stop flesh consumption of any kind, meat or fish.  Give your digestion a well deserved break.    You can replace with quorn products if you prefer, however, remember unless good quality quorn, this product can be very processed, so be mindful.   Best substitute with be root veg, large mushrooms, legumes (beans and lentils).  These foods are very filling and satisfying.







Nutritious and Filling


Reduce or stop dairy consumption:- milk, cheese, yoghurt.  These foods are very mucous forming.  You can use unsweetened almond milk, or make your own, very easy indeed ALMOND MILK.  I drink coconut milk, which is delicious and very refreshing.  When I fancy  yoghurt, a great alternative is cashew yoghurt. This brand is surprisingly delicious CASHEW YOGHURT or MAKE YOUR OWN YOGHURT.  I promise you, its really good!











Reduce or stop grains, these foods cause alot of inflammation in the body.  Our digestion hates grains.  You could have Quinoa which is a protein, Legumes (beans and lentils), cauliflower rice, Courgetti (spiralised courgette), So many options!








Good Fats, Protein, Carbohydrates – All in One Snack!


Reduce or stop sugar.  Stress in the body from to much sugar causes major dehydration.  Dehydration is a massive contributor to disease.

Sugar cravings can be reduced by doing a few things.  Stop drinking and eating sugary processed foods and replace with:

a) banana, avocado and nut smoothie – two ripe bananas, 1/2 small ripe avocado, 2 tbsp of nut butter of your choice, 500ml of coconut milk and blend.  You can add a little honey if you want it sweeter.

b) homemade banana and coconut ice cream – take 3 ripe bananas, chop them up and freeze them, then add a little coco milk from tin, coconut flakes, honey to the sweetness you like and blend, once all blended freeze again until like ice cream.  Amazing and easy!  You can add whatever healthy ingredients you like.

c) dried fruit like mango or apricots.

d) cocoa, banana and date smoothie – 1 tbsp of cocoa powder, 2 ripe bananas and 3 dates, blend with 500ml of coconut milk.

e) homemade fruit yoghurts.  Make cashew yoghurt (as above) and add berries of your choice

f) dark chocolate with 70% + cocoa

       Many options as you can see 🙂



Now you’ve reduce lots of acidic rubbish from your life, you can now fill your body with wholesome goodness.  EAT and DRINK lots of the below foods.

a) Fresh Vegetables – all the colours of the rainbow – especially lots of raw and green.

b) Live fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, Kefir  – READ MORE

c) Eats lots of Superfoods –   Charge your body with excellent nutrients.


goji berries


pomegranate juice

green tea




d) Eat lots of fresh fruit or dried.

e) Eat beans and lentils to fill you up

f) Eat lots of good fat – avocado, olives, nuts and seeds

g) Drink green powders with seaweeds, algae etc – protein rich.

h) Drink lots of green juices – using lots of fresh organic veg with fruit, mainly green is best though.

i) Drink lots of water, filtered tepid and warm – add lemon.  Water, water, water – hydration is key to better health!

j) Exercise, be active daily – walks, swimming, running, gym, anything just move.

k) Relax – switch off and have a good stretch!

l) sleep – rest – repair.

m) Most importantly, have a good poo daily! If you aren’t, then have a colon hydrotherapy treatment.  This will get all the waste out, then you have a better chance of pooing again.  Text Danielle for an appointment if you have any digestive issues or want to get healthier 07737 204866.

Enjoy!!!  Now stop reading and get healthy!

by Danielle Parkinson Essential Health Colonics


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