Constipation – We all get it. How do we prevent it?

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Constipation is a terrible digestive disorder and so many of us suffer with it on a regular basis.  However, this can be prevented very easily with the right diet and plenty of water.  Should you have constipation and find yourself not releasing faecal matter daily, then colonic hydrotherapy will help get the colon working again and help hydrate and lubricate.  Then you will start to release those toxins from your body, resulting in better digestion and elimination.


There are many foods that can cause constipation some being:


– dairy products (milk, cheese, yoghurt, quark etc. from whatever animal)

-wheat products (white bread, pasta, cookies, pastries etc.)

– Ice cream, Snacks like chips and pizza, Processed foods, such as instant mashed potatoes or frozen dinners.


To avoid constipation there are many foods to help you, coupled with plenty of water.  You should be drinking at least 2-4 litres of water per day, room temperature or hot water as this is absorb better by your cells.  Really cold water goes straight to the bladder leaving you still dehydrated.




-Dried Fruits

-Wholemeal products i.e. bread

-High fibre cereal




Enjoy feeling good!


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