Coffee and its side effects

I love coffee, who doesn’t but we need to drink it in moderation and hydrate well before, during and after.  

I meet many clients who drink way to much coffee and suffer terrible side effects like anxiety, lack of sleep, the shakes, digestive issues etc..

Balance is key and also using a healthy organic coffee.

Read this interesting article

The 15 Terrible Coffee Side Effects You Need to Know About

by  who highlights the serious side effects of too much coffee.


‘You’ve just read the title, and now you’re thinking “What? How could anyone say anything bad about coffee? My precioussss…”

Gollum comparison aside, most coffee drinkers are pretty passionate about their Java. Being a coffee snob is pretty much a way of life these days. With so many different cultivars of coffee in so many different recipes, it’s hard not to love coffee.  Click me to read more




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