Causes of Constipation

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Many of my clients can have from 3 movements per day to 3 per week, some less.  Scarily I do meet a high percentage that go less than 3 times per week and usually small pellets.

Ideally its great to have daily movements as we eat daily. Preferably in the morning, to show our bodies are detoxifying correctly.  In my opinion as long as they are healthy stools 1 + a day would be great. The Bristol Stool Chart 1

A perfect stool – smooth firm sausage shape, easy to pass, no cracks, cardboard colour not much wiping of the bottom afterwards.  No feeling of incomplete evacuation. Perfect!

It does depend on the effort needed to pass the stool and the consistency to whether you are constipated. Some people could go daily but have a rabbit droppings which are hard to pass, this would definitely constitute as constipated.  Someone else could have a healthy large stools, easy to pass a few times a week with no digestive symptoms, this would be classified as normal and healthy.

You need to get rid of waste effectively.  If you don’t your body will become toxic and disease will thrive.

Some colonic conditions that cause constipation are:

  • Obstructions – lesions of the colon
  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • idiopathic slow-transit constipation

It may also be caused by systemic afflictions

  • either endocrine (diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism)
  • metabolic (hypo- or hypercalcemia)
  • neurological (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease)
  • muscular (systemic sclerosis, myotonic dystrophy)
  • medications

The most common kind of constipation is that associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

Diet, hydration and lifestyle play a big part in constipation.  Many clients I meet don’t drink enough water and eat breakfast.  Breakfast is an important trigger for gastro-colonic response.

Moving, exercising is also very important to get things moving.

For advice please call Danielle on 07737 204 866.  Alternatively, book a colonic irrigation appointment to get things moving again and learn about your colon and diet to improve your symptoms and get healthy.

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