Becoming Mindful with food is best for Health – otherwise it becomes an obsession!

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I’m always telling my clients to chill and eat a balanced, mindful diet.  People can go over the top when it comes to health and this can become a problem.  I classify myself as healthier than your average joe.  However, I still enjoy a nice burger and chips or english brekkie!!!  Why not!  As long as they a good quality ingredients.  Life is about enjoying yourself.  

Through the week I eat very healthy and I don’t regret it when I don’t.  Luckily, I enjoy healthy meals so don’t feel like I am missing out and if you focus on your health for a while you to will achieve this realisation also.  As long as you are 80% healthy with naughtiness in between then you enjoy it!  However, if you want to be healthy all the time then go for it, as long as it’s not controlling your life!

Alicia Melgoza writes an interesting article to help you chill out abit if you are a health nut!

Enjoy Danielle

‘While exercising regularly and eating nutritious food are certainly great habits, being healthy isn’t just about squats and veggies. As a recovered health nut and now a life and happiness coach, I know there’s a lot more to it. Health is also about our emotional, mental, relational and spiritual well-being.

With that in mind, here are the most common myths I hear that get health wrong — and the healthier M.O.s you should adopt instead: READ MORE CLICK ME

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