Are you feeling stiff?! Try Yoga and a course of physiotherapy!

Oh my god I’m stiff lately!  I think its due to the fact I am doing lots of bootcamp sessions and not stretching enough.

So I’m done feeling like an old women!  I’ve started yoga and booked myself in a physio to soften the tissues.

I’ve only been doing yoga a week and I already feel slightly better!  Its quite satisfying when you can finally get into that certain position without too much pain.

I am following ‘Yoga with Helena Byles‘ on you tube.   Lots of taster sessions and more…  Its really getting me in the mood for a good stretch!  Give it a go.

I’ve booked myself in with Matt Comfort from Comfort Physiotherapy who works at The Berkeley Centre in Clifton. Matt is great at getting to those areas that need softening and loosening.  However, I know massage is not enough, you need to focus on the exercises your physio gives you so you can strengthen the affected area, and not forgetting lots of stretching!

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