Appreciating Poo Time!

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When I was really ill 10 years ago, that was time that I started to appreciate how my body functioned on a daily basis. Its sad how we take our health for granted, we are all guilty! Simple things like waking up and feeling good or being able to pass water and waste matter effectively without the aid of tablets.

I meet many clients who hardly ever pass waste, maybe a pellet per week so this is a terrible, irritating and uncomfortable situation to be in.

Its always important to appreciate your body’s natural functions as highlighted by Dr. Joel Kahn in his article below.

Appreciate the POO!  Take your time.

Enjoy Danielle 🙂

‘In this fast-paced modern world, it’s easy to miss simple pleasures. We’re increasingly distracted, stressed out and unable to focus. That’s why mindfulness, or focusing on the present, is now being taught in businesses, schools, and health clinics as a way to boost productivity, manage stress and create calm. CLICK ME TO READ MORE’


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