Truth about Fat and Sugar

Its vital to have balance in your diet and not have too much of anything.  However I totally agree with this article by Dr Aseem Malhotra as he explains the differences between fat and sugar.

Ever since I reduced carbohydrate intake I’m much slimmer and have lots more energy.  I still have quick releasing carbs but not daily and I’m mindful about this so I don’t overeat on bread, pasta, white rice and stodgy vegetables.

Enjoy learning!  Danielle :)

‘This morning, as I do most days, I breakfasted on a three egg omelette cooked in coconut oil, with a whole milk coffee. I enjoyed a wedge of full fat cheese with my lunch, poured a liberal dose of olive oil on my evening salad and snacked on nuts throughout the day. In short, I ingested a fair amount of fat and, as a cardiologist who has treated thousands of people with heart disease, this may seem a particularly peculiar way to behave. Fat, after all, furs up our arteries and piles on the pounds – or at least that’s what prevailing medical and dietary advice has had us believe. As a result, most of us have spent years eschewing full fat foods for their ‘low fat’ equivalents, in the hope it will leave us fitter and healthier. TO READ MORE CLICK ME