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Christmas is always a difficult time, when
suffering with digestive issues. Here are some tips to help minimise discomfort:

*Always hydrate well.  Drink 2-3 litres of tepid water, especially when drinking alcohol.  You lose 1.5 pints of fluid, to every pint of alcohol you drink. Try to have a small glass of water, between every drink.

*Fizzy drinks can cause excessive gas, bloating and hinder digestion; so keep these drinks to a minimum.

*When it comes to food, try to eat slowly and chew until the food has a soupy consistency before you swallow.  Try to break down the food with your teeth, otherwise a lot of energy is needed to digest your food; and that’s why you can feel very tired after a meal.

*When you eat slowly, your stomach goes by weight, so will instruct the brain when full.  Fast eating allows you to overeat and feel horribly full all night.

*Should you feel uncomfortable, slowly sip on water or try peppermint tea.

*When overindulging, try to fast for 16-24 hours, this will allow the body time to digest all the food properly.

*However, if going out, try to have a snack before, so you don’t feel hungry and overeat.

*Hydrating well and eating slowly, can make a massive difference in how your stomach responds to overindulgence.

*Eat lots of veggies and reduce animals products where you can.  Being plant based is better for your health, and your waste line!

Have a fabulous Christmas!
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