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“After fourteen years suffering from a debilitating illness, with a major relapse only a year ago, I thought it was time for change; I was tired, I could not function mentally or physically and was on so many tablets for one thing or another, I had a very negative attitude. After speaking to my specialist, who gave the treatment the nod of approval, I walked into Danielle’s room with not much to lose, except I thought, my shy nature. Within minutes of meeting Danielle, all embarrassment went out the window, with her professional and kind attitude, I was soon laughing away. After my first treatment I felt amazing, as if my eyes were bright and my head was cleared. I could not stop telling people about it, and after discussion with Danielle, we arranged a six week course to see how things would progress. After my second treatment I saw my specialist, who told me it was the biggest change she had seen in my health in years. Each week I was feeling brighter, more alert, and had more energy. Speaking of which, forget Starbucks or Costa, Danielle’s coffee treatment at weeks four and six had me bouncing off the walls for days!

After six weeks I was back to see my specialist and she can not believe the difference, and to be honest, neither can I. If you were to tell me six weeks ago that I would have energy, not only enough to function, but to enjoy life, I would be off over half my tablets, be pain free, sleeping better, eating better, fighting off illnesses in days not weeks and have my positive attitude back, I would not have believed you, no matter what the treatment was.

Danielle’s friendly, kind and informative nature is truly amazing, and I could not have chosen to go to a better person. She explains everything clearly, so you understand why your body reacts the way it does. She puts you at ease, and you will be chatting about life before you know it. The room is clean and inviting, not too clinical, but modern with music playing in the background and a beautiful view of Cabot Tower out the window. I cannot recommend the treatment and Danielle highly enough, to friends, family and anyone who will listen! I will be back for regular treatments to keep up all the good we have done.” Nikki, M.E. (C.F.S.) & Fibromyalgia sufferer



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