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Jemma will be offering evening and weekend appointments for clients, see contacts page for hours offered.



My name is Jemma. Jemma Flay

I became extremely passionate about Colonic Hydrotherapy after years of battling with IBS and constipation.  After using various laxatives and undergoing countless medical investigations, I became severely constipated and was eventually admitted to hospital.  Regardless of how healthy I ate or how much I exercised, the problems continued and I was unable to sufficiently release faecal matter and toxins from my body.  I began to suffer from auto-intoxication which later developed into Auto-Immune Disease – an umbrella for various dis-eases within the body due to an extremely low immune system.  I felt tired, lethargic, bloated and generally unwell all of the time.  Then 3 years ago I decided to try Colonic Hydrotherapy and have never looked back.  I realised I couldn’t get better without removing the toxins from my body which were preventing me from feeling the healthy, energised, slim, confident woman I used to be.  Colonic Hydrotherapy has changed my life so much that I decided to train as a Colonic Hydrotherapist and help people overcome the same issues I have experienced.  We live in a toxic world – from the air we breathe; to the food we eat; and even the cosmetics and cleaning products we use – this makes it difficult for the healthy bacteria in our gut to efficiently do its job in eliminating the toxins from our bodies and keeping us healthy.  Colonic Hydrotherapy can help restore that balance and get people get back on track to feeling amazing again.


Jemma has truly helped me with my constipation problems.  I have suffered with this for years and really felt we could relate to each other as Jemma has suffered with this terrible digestive problem also.  Jemma made me feel at ease, I actually found the experience insightful, and feel I have more knowledge now.  I know how to improve and prevent my symptoms from coming back which makes me very happy.  Within a few sessions things started moving again and I even lost weight, my belly was flatter.  Life was good again as I had more energy and that feeling of needing to go had disappeared!  Thank you Jemma.  I’ll be back.  R Rickards, Redland’


Jemma’s qualifications on request

  • Honours in Colonic Hydrotherapy ‘UK Holistics Training School’

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