——Colon cancer is rife nowadays so preventing disease is paramount! 

——-You need to be removing waste from your body daily! Ideally 1-3 good substantial movements a day! A smooth firm sausage, cardboard brown with little to no wiping! 

——-If waste is staying too long in the digestive tract, this can ferment and slowly start to poison you!

——Disease can only thrive in the right environment remember. 

——-Keeping your body clean and healthy with a strong immune system is key to preventing diseases. 

——colonic Irrigation is a safe way to remove toxins and waste from the body whilst hydrating you!

——In your 1 hour session you will receive the treatment and lots of digestive and diet advice! It’s only £55 for your first session.

——Contact Danielle for further information 

Chia seeds are a great source of fibre and have many health benefits!! Berries are full of antioxidants that protect us against pathogens in our bodies!!!

Learn more! Get booked in!


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