Hey all,

Today Danni decided to introduce me to Beetroot…….I was convinced it was something I wasn’t keen on, so we decided to add it into a smoothie and see if I could be converted…..


Beetroot and Kale Smoothie

Palmful of Curly Kale

Palmful of WatercressBeetroot and Kale smoothie

1 fresh Beetroot

Palmful Strawberries ( approx 8 )

1 small Kiwi

1 Banana

Small palmful of brazil nuts

600ml water approx ( adjust to alter consistency)


Blend and enjoy…..


I liked it!!

The beetroot, I found, you can’t taste! What it did give off was a slight earthy taste, which actually made me feel like I was consuming something really good for me…..which it is!

All this time, I’ve missed out on something that has amazing health and nutritional benefits. That is why smoothies are so great. You can take all the things you wouldn’t normally eat, blend them together with anything you want, find out how yummy they are and start feeling great! Your body will love you, your health will improve and you will start looking amazing and reaping the rewards great nutrition brings.

Beetroot is an amazing source of nutrients. This is enhanced even further if you also consume the greens. This was something neither Danni or I knew about, so we are going to include them in tomorrows smoothie and will let you know how we get on!

Beetroot is very high in vitamins A and C, Calcium and Iron and a very good source of Folic acid. It is a great detoxifying tool as it stimulates the liver, helping to rid your body of all the toxins. The rich fibre content helps with your bowel function. Being a very high source of Glutamine, your digestive tract is maintained and your gut helped to repair and stay healthy.

All the ingredients today work towards detoxifyng and boosting your immune system. Your skin can benefit greatly.

Tip – If whilst preparing your beetroot you stain your hands an interesting shade of pink……..try rubbing on a little lemon juice!



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