I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas! 
How are you feeling? 
I know I feel full and sluggish! 🙁
How’s your belly?  Fancy a colonic soon? 

If you had a session in December, then all
January sessions are £50 each. 
If you didn’t have a session in December,
then you still get £10 OFF!

Woo hoo!



WEIGHT LOSS PACKAGES £40 Receive all the literature and guidance to learn about your body and the best diet to stay slim and healthy!

We’ve all been enjoying ourselves over the festive period!  However, did you know that every pint of alcohol you consume, you loose 1.5 pints of fluids!  Its very dehydrating, so be smart and compensate whilst enjoying yourself. 

Have a pint before drinking, and a small glass between each drink, finishing with a pint or two before bed! 

Great for preventing bad hangovers!Looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a fantastic New Year! 
See you on the other side!

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