Hey all

This morning Danielle made herself breakfast from scratch. Breakfast is very important and done right it will keep you satisfied and give you enough energy, right up till lunch!

The cereals offered to us today are unfortunately not very healthy and very high in sugar. This will mean that you will get an immediate spike, but that will quickly disappear and you will most likely find yourself running out of fuel and feeling hungry half way through the morning. If your body isn’t given the nutrients it needs, it will always give you those feelings of hunger and dissatisfaction.

The ingredients used today ensure you have a great mix of good fats, nutrients, vitamins and fibre……What more could you ask for?

Try this one Danni made herself or experiment with your own ingredients and find your own delicious, healthy and satisfying combinations!


Milled Linseeds and Sesame

Brazil Nuts

Walnutsphoto (5)

Pumpkin Seeds

Chopped Apple

Coconut Milk


I haven’t included quantities as it is very much to be made to your own liking………but this shows that with just a few simple ingredients you can have a very healthy, fulfilling breakfast and start your day feeling great!

Enjoy x

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