Feeling down? Banana’s will bring the sunshine back into your life!

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Banana’s!  What a delicious, nutritious treat.  They are extremely good for you for many reasons, here are just a few:

Rich in Fibre – now we all know how important fibre is for your body and  digestive system to ensure regular releases on the toilet.

Improved intestinal absorption of other nutrients, such as Calcium.

Contains A, B and C vitamins.  Essential for health, some benefits of these vitamins being:  keeps skin healthy, energy producing and improves immune system.

Reduces cramps and helps in restoring energy, vitamins and minerals, after sports.

Rich in Potassium and Magnesium –  these minerals haver several benefits: Potassium  keeps your muscles strong and reduces stress.  Magnesium helps your body absorb calcium and aids the maintenance of a healthy heart.

Helps with depression –  banana’s contain a type of protein where the body convert s this into serotonin, known to enhance your mood, relieves stress and makes you feel generally happier.

Go on try one or two banana’s a day and improve your health and feel happier!

Enjoy feeling good.


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