However, dehydration is the biggest contributor to disease, so we all need to focus on drinking more.

💦We lose water through breathing, sweating, digesting food, urinating etc.
💦We need to drink a minimum of 2 litres daily, but ideally 2-3 litres!
💦herbal teas are good, as long as no caffeine
💦warm water with lemon or lime to flavour, if you don’t like plain water.
💦add cucumber or orange segments to filtered tepid water, to make things more exciting!
💦however, you can’t beat plain, filtered tepid water for good hydration.
💦check your wee! If it’s a very pale yellow, then you’re hydrated. 
💦if you’re tired, have headaches, hungry often, produce hard pellet like poo’s! 
Drink more water!! 
💦hydrating and eating whole clean foods, is the best thing you can for your body, in preventing disease! 


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