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Todays smoothie wasn’t a planned one……it became a using up of fruit we had that was close to spoiling.

This highlights the brilliance of smoothies in that nothing, no longer, has to been thrown out or wasted. Previously, I know I was guilty of buying an abundance of fruit and vegetable, with great intentions of getting through it all, but then finding sometimes I’d run out of time and inevitably some would go bad and be thrown away. Now, that no longer is the case. What used to look ‘not very appetising’ can now be added to your blender/ juicer/ nutribullet and whisked up into a delicious juice or smoothie…….perfect!


1  Avocado

2 Nectarines

Handful of Blueberries

Small handful of Pumpkin Seeds

Handful of Spring Greens

Handful of Watercressphoto (6)

Almond Milk ( approx 500ml )

Water to thin


This is similar to previous ones we have tried, but all the same a delicious combination and another smooth creamy success!

All your goodness is again packed tightly into this one lovely drink………remember if you give your body the nutrients it is asking for when it tells you it’s hungry, you will satisfy that hunger and your bodys needs……..happy body = happy you!


Enjoy x

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