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Danni had been to her local fruit and vegetable shop this morning and was eager to incorporate as much of her fresh produce as possible into todays smoothie……


Beetroot and Apple Smoothie


Handful of Kale

Whole Beetroot ( peeled )

1/2  Avocadophoto (8)

1/2  Apple ( pink lady )

Small handful of Blueberries

Small handful of Strawberries

Green Grapes ( approx 5 )

Approx 600ml Water 


and Blend


This produced the most incredible, vibrant colour……totally tempting! 

We found this really refreshing and quite fruity. We had been a little concerned that we were adding too much fruit, whereas our aim is always to have the balance of more veg to fruit. However, we had only used small quantities of the fruit today and it disguised the powerful taste of the beetroot instead, which gave us a different outcome for this beetroot smoothie.

Did you know…….Beetroot is actually from the same family as Chard and Spinach. Both the leaves and the root can be eaten. The leaves being bitter, the root very sweet.

Beetroot is a very good source of fibre, which can assist in preventing and helping with constipation and improving elimination.  Fibre is great for keeping your colon cleansed and works a little bit like a broom on the inside, sweeping along all the waste and debris in the colon.

Eating Beetroot may induce Beeturia…..this is a red or pink colour in your urine or faeces.

Just for fun…….Try keeping an eye out when you go to the toilet and seeing if indeed Beetroot has altered the colour of your urine! This is totally harmless but can be a fun way of seeing how quickly you actually digest your food.

Enjoy x


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